Assignment for Deconstruction M3.1

Module 3.1:
Begin this assignment by:
  • X Identifying and establishing communication with a partner in O.D.3.1a.

X Determining whose wiki you will use for your collaboration and post your partner’s name and the URL for your wiki on the BBW Project Partnerships page in the designated table cell.
  • X Creating a wiki space for this project and determining a mind-mapping/brainstorming tool. See the sample wiki navigation at:
  • X Reading through the lessons in CS4TRC at your instructional level of interest. (also documents sent from Dr. M.)
  • X Negotiate with your partner and select a lesson for deconstruction. Note: You may not choose the Advancing Main Ideas lesson on pages 107-110. ALSO, if you are focused at the high school level, I will provide you with lesson plans that are NOT in my book. Please contact me for choices.
  • X Review the checklist: Rubric A.3.2.
???? Use your mind-mapping/brainstorming tool to begin your discussion. You can find some possible tools under "Mind Mapping" at: (See the mind map Liz and I created for the course using Mind42 at:

  • Module 3.2:

    • X Copy and paste the Graphic Organizer -G.O.3.2 - Lesson Plan Deconstruction - onto a wiki page.
    • X See the sample student wiki lesson plan deconstruction page:
    • Both members of the partnership will make notes on the wiki page to respond to each bullet on the deconstruction graphic organizer. Note: Each person must use a different color font to show her/his contributions to the shared graphic organizer. Both people must answer each question, except where there is only one possible answer.
    • X Review the checklist and reflection criteria on Rubric 3.2.
    • X (In progress) Use the discussion feature on your wiki page to discuss your ideas.
    • X (In progress) Jointly complete the graphic organizer.
    • Compose your individual reflection.
Compose your individual reflection.

Individual Reflection - Individual score (20 possible points)
Scoring: Two paragraphs (10 points each) – Up to one double-spaced 12-point font page
Paragraph 1:
Reflect on the lesson planning you have done in the past. What are your strengths as a curriculum designer?
Paragraph 2 (or 2 and 3):
Reflect on what you learned from deconstructing this lesson plan. Write about what you learned about lesson design, about your experience of collaborating with your partner, or both.